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Create a picture formed by thumbnails of a video



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Movie Thumbnailer, also known as MTN, is a command line application that takes some snapshots of a video and create a collage with them, creating one picture. That picture can be really useful if we want to show people in our website a preview of the video.

Movie Thumbnailer is powered by FFmpeg codecs library, so it supports next to all video formats. If you are not used to wok with command lines we recommend you to download the GUI of the programClick here to download it.

The configuration panel of the interface will let you personalize options such as the number of columns and rows or the period of time between one snapshot and the following.

How to install the MTN GUI

Copy the files of the ZIP file in the Movie Thumbnailer folder, then click the file called mtnFront0.44.exe to launch the program.
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